To make a bad day worse, spend it wishing for the impossible

That is a bad day? I am sure everyone has one and often when you look back you find that it was not that bad after all. Mostly it is when things move in the wrong direction, your interactions with people strain relations, and in total, you fell yuck. But whom should you blame for this, while you would love to blame it on the people with whom you interact, it would be far from the truth most times. I agree there are assholes, but not all are that way.

It all the mental print that you develop from an interaction, your unwanted ability to read between the lines and fabricate a
new meaning to things. Then you spend time and energy parsing through every past word and deed of the person and eventually victoriously you proclaim that you are right and they are wrong. How more miserable can this get. But then the other person would be sleeping tight, without the slightest idea of tornado you created in your mind.

You end up being the asshole next day when the same people come to you and say hi with a smile without even remembering that a day like yesterday existed. What a waste will you feel of yourself? Yep, I too at time have felt this way, and luckily not much damage has happened till now. So I do it now? Yes of course, knowing every weakness of mine does not mean it gets corrected. I am a man of imperfection and I just fine tune the imperfections every now and then.

My Two Cents

Never fabricate! In words, deeds or thoughts!

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