Fear not for the future, weep not for the past

We always here people praise the past and say how thing have turned for the worse now. You talk about jobs, life style and much more. I keep wondering if for them to feel that this present time is good, they might have to go into the future and then look back. There could be two reasons for this. Either people realize the beauty of a time only after it is passed, or it might be that if you say the past was better, you can avoid acting in the present. This is a clear act of pushing the solution away from your hands and reach so that you can blame everything on time.

Time will reverse situations, but that does not mean that one always looks back and see what was lost. The past can give us so much energy and power to face the challenges of today and the eventualities of tomorrow if only we take what is good. Past is your own personal book of knowledge from which you can derive solutions for every difficult situation in life.

When I look at my past I see several points in life that I would like to go back to, like the college life, my time with my Dad and mom, and many more. I also see many points of pain that has given me the knowhow to live the present. My follies of the past teach me a lot and my right decisions help me to power up myself for the better. Past should be our tool to prepare for the future and not a slide that tells you how bad things are.

My Two Cents

Past is gone, learn from it, don’t weep over it!

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