Anyone who says sunshine brings happiness has never danced in the rain

The first rain of the season brings with it the smell of mud that often bring nostalgic memories to me. Not that I have not had times when I wanted the rain to end and see some sunshine. But rain brings with it memories of romance, love as well as pain and friendship. My experience with rain has been different depending on where in the world I lived.

While in India I looked at rains differently at different ages. School times rain was a total no as it takes away the recess time and we ended up in the classrooms. I hated them. Holidays also I did not like the rain as it took away the time to play outside. This was before the Video game and TV era. Come college I loved drenching at times and sometimes heavy rains gave you a reason to bunk the classes. Then the sight of women drenched in rain was a pretty interesting sight for any young mind

While working rain and the motor bike did not go very well and with envy I looked at those with a car, but still managed to move on in a wet mode. Rain in Bangalore where I worked for a while was always flooded streets and loved the bars on a rainy day when you puffed cigarets and had brandy when it was pouring outside.

While in UK, umbrellas became a normal extension of the body and I was able to figure why the english poets praised sunshine so much. Come sunshine you can see people take out their shirts and enjoy the sunlight feel their body. In Dubai, a desert of the sorts, I have seen rain only a few times but have seen people welcome it with both hands looking up. Though this is the only place I have experienced hailstorms, and that is quite interesting.

As I move further from home, rain came closer to me and brought memories of home closer to heart. I am not sure how my life would have been if rain had not drenched it as it had done. I am sure the rains have washed me clean every time it came and I am hopeful I will feel the same excitement I see it come the next time. I love you and I hate you, but you know you have always been part of me and my life

My Two Cents

When it Rains, Enjoy it!

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