Cause and Effect are two sides of one fact

Why don’t you see it from my side? Yes Really, Why don’t you see it from my side? Be it work or family the problem is the inability to see from both sides. The fact that you belong to one side and you have to safeguard your side makes you so incapably closed to other person’s situation. There is another term called “step back and analyze” where you take a step back so the other side is not in your blind spot and you are able to really understand what the other person is trying to tell you. Or to understand what the story on the other side is.

The truth is that every side has a story that they firmly believe in. It is also true that both sides need not necessarily be correct. But when you are able to see the other side, you will be able to make a right judgment about the correctness of yours. You might be helpless, bound by duty, forced by love to take your side, but then everything needs two sides to exist in our dimension. You can always walk to the other side instead of standing here and calling out or ordering.

My Two Cents

Try to see and understand the other side!

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