It is the small things that make the big differences

Unless you stop getting it you never think that air (oxygen) and breathing are essential for life. Air is one such thing that if you don’t get for a prolonged duration, there is no much reason getting it later as you will not be alive to feel or witness it. But there are so many other things in life that you realize only when the time is up and you can’t have much of it again. But unlike Air, here you can take some steps to revert it or not feel that bad when you finally miss it.

While there is a whole list of things the existence of which we fail to recognize in our daily life. Time with kids and loved ones is one thing, Kids, they will be for us only when they are kids, as they grow they move on and we will be left to wonder where we lost the time. Can we do something about it now, yes, spend more time with them? Same is the case with showing love to someone close, express when you still can, be to parents or spouse.  Life is not going to remain the same for eternity

Another thing that you don’t give a lot of eye to is the many daily items like food, cloths, the common necessities to common luxuries of life that you have been fortunate to have. Take time to step back look at what you have and recognize how fortunate you are and I am sure the next part of your life will turn out to be more complete even amidst any negativities you have. Life is not brooding about what you don’t have, but about enjoying what you have and sharing others in that enjoyment. So look close for you might not being giving due credit to many things that make your life worth living.

My Two Cents

Look closely and see what makes your life worth!


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