Be Independent, but understand your dependency

To be independent has been the goal of every man and women, be it financially or emotionally, but the facts are far from that and we turn out to be both emotionally and financially dependent on others and the system. Not just financial and emotional dependence, but also technology, processes, situations, lifestyle. We are a bunch of closely held ‘Can’t exist alone’ group of life forms. Yet we labor on the delusion that we are better than the one next to us.

Our arrogance makes us not care for the person next and looks at him with despise when he leans on you. You never see your hand resting on another person’s sholder; you don’t see your mind being dependent on someone who lives thousands of miles away. You will be too annoyed to know that any problem anyone in this world faces is indirectly affecting you, your life, your loved one. You can never be independent if you want to live on this earth and I am not sure of any forms of life anywhere else. So mate if you think you are really independent, mate you are on for as big surprise somewhere round the corner.

My Two Cents

Live as if you are dependent on people and things around you

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