Remembering a Friend

A while back I had written “The less number of people you know, the less you will be hurt by the truth called Death.” Did not know I would have to write a post like this so soon. Though we all know it will come one day, we often don’t want to face the fact, for life is too lovely to leave behind. For centuries man has searched for the magic potion, the mysterious words or mantra or the secret for eternal life. While science and medicine has prolonged life expectancy a lot, death still lures as the most dreaded truth.

There would be no one among us who would not have seen death take away someone close and we know how much that hurts. But the truth of the fact is that life still moves on. But memories are never orphaned when the person leaves. the memories stay back and remain with us, telling us the existence of something that was very special to us. Moments, hopes, despairs, dreams, words, images, all that touch the cords of our mind, telling us, calling out to us that we too have to go one day, but not yet. Today I am grieved by the sad and sudden demise of a dear friend from college.

Dawa, Dear friend, it has been my honor to have known you and to spend some of the most beautiful times of our life. I can tell you that my life and of all those who knew you have been enriched by your presence. Some voids can never be filled and we will all miss you always, but it was too early, way too early my friend, Not fair!

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