Accessibility is all about Equality in the opportunities to live

Accessibility; how many who don’t have a disability often really think about this aspect of life. Especially when you don’t get parking and you see this sign, it is not allways a great feeling. I am not saying that people are insensitive; it is just a human nature that we see things the way it affects us and not really always look deep into what we see. When I grew up accessibility was never an aspect that people gave attention to. I am not sure if they even had something like that, the sign itself was missing I guess. The only place I really remember was the front seats in public buses where two or three seats were reserved. Otherwise accessibility was never a social solution to a need but a private affair of caring by the near and dear. Though in my recent visits to my hometown, I had seen tremendous improvement in how society approches accessibility needs, but there si always room for improvement.

I think many parts of the world used to be like this and some even continue to be this way. It is so horrifying to think that there were even very insensitive communication slangs that one would use to call someone referring to their disability which when you look back now is quite inhuman. My whole understanding and approach to the aspect of accessibility changed when I came to the US where I saw a strong public and government effort and reasoning to address the accessibility needs for every kind of disability. From wheel chair entrances over stair cases to automatic doors to parking privileges to shopping carts, there was a considerate effort to ensure equal participation and opportunity for everyone.  It does not matter how small the number is or how much the need is, if there is a way to provide accessibility it should be done and interestingly more and more businesses and work places follow this and some even go beyond the legally stipulated instructions to address this in a much larger context.

My Two Cents

Accessibility Signs tell you that you live in a caring society

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