Search for complete awareness should start from ones own surroundings

Jiddu Krishnamurti the renowned speaker and philosopher was once travelling in a car and two of his close associates were sitting behind and passionately discussing the topic of ‘awareness’ and how you can achieve complete awareness . The road was very bumpy with frequent stops and turns. A while later Jiddu K who was all the while irritatingly instructing the driver of everything in the front of the car, turns to his associates behind and asks “Did you both hear that sound”. They both nodded no. “We just hit a goat, you people did not know and you debate of awareness”

In our attempt to discuss bigger elements of life, we often become blind to what happens around us. There are thousands of people who discuss, debate, explain and search the meaning of life and its complexities, but don’t heed to things that are so simple and obvious to us. The fact is most are clueless why they do it, for the whole essence is lost if you miss the present realities. No truth will set you free from the bondages you make by not caring for your present. It is good to talk and feel good, but there is nothing you will learn if you lose your touch with what is happening around you. In our attempt to what we feel is a higher level of consiousness and awareness, we could miss how this world is interracting with us and how we react with it and this would make all searches futile.

My Two Cents

There is no high level awareness without knowing your immediate surroundings

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