The time to relax is when you don’t have time for it

Relaxation is very different for different people. The idea of relaxation for me is to lie down an afternoon after lunch, in my living room with the doors and windows open and the wind whistling into the house and listening to the sounds outside. It would be perfect if you have family with you all relaxing and enjoying a nice afternoon. The energy I get from this is so high and will wind you up for a whole week. I have decided to spend my Sundays this way, without hurrying for anything. Some would say it is boring, but I say it is so relaxing.

Why is relaxing so important, it helps you unwind a whole week  and look back at your actions, what you have said, the good, bad, the better and many things we would not otherwise care to view. Slowly closing your eyes and dozing as you feel the birds chirping close to your ears. Slowly falling into what I would call as a completion of the week. Away from the busy mind, slowly cooling down to emptiness that is what relaxation is for me. Time of doing nothing is very important to do anything in life with energy and passion. My idea of relaxation is ‘doing nothing and emptying oneself of thoughts and actions.

My Two Cents

Relax to rejuvenate!

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