Contradiction of your external self is the result of a change in your internal self

Contradiction is not considered a good thing to happen, especially when it is about a person’s views. But people change, their views and their opinions about many things in life and we have seen people contradict on what they have said before. Falsification leading to contradiction is one thing, but here my point is about contradicting one’s own opinion and view on things. Now some people go ahead and validate and reason a contradiction while some get caught off guard when others point it out. Those who get off guard often never realized that they have had a change in their interior self (inner self if you like) and this contradiction is its manifestation on the external self.

If one was to give himself the leverage to contradict his or her own opinion, there is a high chance that he or she will not be looked upon well by others. People might take this as a sign of unreliability because they only connect with the external self. We live in a world where external selves connect and collaborate with one another. There are multiple ways to address this

The first is that your internal self can remain connected or disconnected with your external self. If connected it can influence the external self there by alter your connection with another person’s external self and vice versa. Now realizing this connection and accepting that this connection exists with every individual you might have a different outlook not just in your contradicting ideas but also in approaching and welcoming the other person’s contradicting ideas. Before a contradiction happens between two external selves of two individuals there is an influence and change happening between one’s own internal and external self.

Contradiction of one’s own opinion and being open about it is very important for one’s growth as that should be considered as change and progress. And here we might have to redefine what we mean by progress (but that is for another day) in the context of dual selves.

My Two cents

It is ok to Contradict!

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