Your two selves will always influence each other

How would your life be if at every juncture in life you had two ways to choose from and someone else made the choice for you. Would your life have been different? Now if you look back and see if you had taken your own decision at all such junctures in your life. Would you answer with a big yes? Are we now the result of choices we made or the result of choices someone else made for us. When we live in this world and we grow up in a society our decisions are often not just our own and often the influences of those around us. We know that our internal self and external self can influence each other and so the power to influence our choices and our destiny could lie in ourselves.

When our external self is influenced by its external connections, it responds moving in one direction. The directionless internal self then moves the puzzles around for us and influences the external self and then could change its course. A person who is following a career based on a popular path to take, his internal self could be all this time working around with the various pieces of his life trying to make sense of it. The internal self could be evolving a new view of life putting together his gains, losses, wants, relationships, emotions and much more.

It will also slowly start then poking the external self telling it to change course, stop abruptly or move on and this is what could potentially be creating a sense of loss, defeat as well as success, inflated ego and more. But if the connections of the his external self are very strong and the forces are too powerful to recon with, it can happen that the internal self might not get a chance to come out. It can remain dormant but it will never die. Your internal and external selves with influence each other irrespective of the powers that force them not to. This would mean that the connections between your two life streams themselves are what decide your course always.

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