The mirror inside you will not give you the exact mirror image

Your internal self is the mirror of your external self and vice versa, but there can be a difference in which it mirrors. If you compare mirror images with real images the right looks left and the left looks like right. Imagine that you go in front of the mirror and lift your left hand and if the image in your mirror lifts the opposite hand you are bound to be startled, even scared and you might step away and then slowly look again. If this time you lift both your hands and the image in the mirror just remains still, how will you feel. Even more scared right? This is how your external and internal selves mirror each other.

Both your internal and external selves are identical to each other in how they look, and what they are capable of, but both have different value systems, fears, likes and dislikes. This incompatible mirror image is the essence of the two life stream effecting you as a whole. They give you the ability to look into each other and correct your self. They allow you to debate between one another, explore, question and join a common quest. They create friendship and enmity in you, they suffer for each other and support each other. They together work towards making you complete in all respects. So always try to look not into the mirror in the real world but the mirror image inside you.

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