A complete man has two selves, internal and external and both need to be set free

I grew up being taught that if you are in complete control of your emotions and if you put several controls on yourself both physically and in thoughts you will be able to reach a higher level of consciousness. This statement was always armored by pointing to great yogic saints and people like Mahatma Gandhi who through strict control of their body and mind brought about change. But I always wondered, the whole reason that you are born is to know what this world has to offer, understand, experience, analyze and make your own deductions of life. How will you be able to do that if you are always drilled with the thought that the right way is the way of the yogi or the way of the fakir? Why is the way of the man lower than the others? I think we should give due importance to way of the man, enjoying and experiencing the world we live so we know what makes us act the way we are.

Our external self should be set free to explore the world, enjoy, and give way for emotions, uncontrolled it should be able to make mistakes, follow the rules, and get punished and live life to the fullest. Our internal self should also be set free to explore and analyze and think about everything our external self does, make our deductions, take alternative paths and come to totally different conclusions. Then again argue our own deductions and actions. The whole point is to set our internal and external lives free to move on. One enjoys the world, experiencing the passions, morals, inefficiencies and pains of mankind and the other moving along parallel viewing, observing, analyzing and deducing the meaning of everything. We are complete when we set both our selves free. There is no other complete form that we need to look forward to. The realization it self should be the completion.

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