The moment you are born, you prepare to face your death; that’s the truth

Yesterday something dawned on me; how can something that is a creation of yourself become the higher consciousness that one is searching for. Creating a thought and building it to be what you have been searching for you can always find and get enlightened. So my theory of two selves can go baseless if the internal self becomes a creation of the external self. So the idea should be that the internal self always exists but never surfaces. This is same as saying that there is an inner truth or self that we need to connect with to be complete. This is not a new thought and been told in varied versions by many people. But I somehow cannot fathom the thought of a search for higher consciousness by rejecting what is the most real thing to me, the world, my body, my thoughts and my relationships, ambitions and everything else that look at me and tell me that I am human.

If there is a higher consciousness we should be able to find and connect with it and experience it without peeling away the outer world from our senses. The whole idea is not to tell that there is an ultimate truth that only a few can reach and that the path is so tough that people never reach there. There has been a calculated effort always in history to make sure that the number of humans who we claim to have attained enlightenment be a small number and the rest be just followers or owners of a lesser mind. This is absolutely insane. Enlightenment should be a path that is easy to follow and higher consciousness should be something you are able to find by holding on to your life on earth. This was my aim when I first wrote of man having two simultaneous life both complementing and contradicting him towards enlightenment and death becoming the end point of enlightenment. Once you are enlightened there is no more for you to do in this world and you better die. Now who wants enlightenment?

The only mystery that will remain uncovered and will remain very speculative is the evident truth called death and everyone who is born is in one way preparing themselves for that, only that time is unknown. So my goal has been to look at this period from birth to death through different strains of thought and to to see what makes most sense to humans, the planet and life forms around us. Stripping of the complexity was the idea but falling steep into complexity was the result. But the pursuit continues..

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