Shed the weights that makes your mind heavy

I have written before about “doing nothing” and though it sounds simple, I have also figured that it is so tough to do nothing. And by doing nothing I mean both physical and mental. Our minds and thoughts are in constant motion even when we are still. No, meditation is still not my cup of tea, I feel that world over people are following a meditation cult. I am not sure if there is something called quick meditation as that is what it is leading to. Today when I was commuting, I had an experience or thought is the better way to put it.

I usually spend the time reading something and not “doing nothing” but today the book I read finished and I was not ready to start the other one and I have a stop more to go and so I just sat down there staring ahead. For a few seconds I felt a feeling of totally not being in control. The idea that nothing that I see around me is in control, life, family, work, breathing, nothing is in my control. And the beauty was that this did not accompany with a feeling of helplessness, I rather enjoyed not being in control. But then it did not last long as my stop came and took back control for my own self and got down.

I think we all feel at one time or the other this feeling of “not being in control”, but our need and want to be in control of our life changes this feeling to a feeling of helplessness and stress. Be this at work or at home, we are guided by things around us that force us to gain control and hold on to what we have. Let go is a common word people use, but I am not sure if it is about being uninterested and giving up, it is all realizing that there is nothing in this world that you can control. It is shedding off your weights and heaviness in your mind completely.

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