Goodness is the only investment that never fails

We don’t have to always be told what is good or bad, as we grow up we have a broad understanding of this. The importance is to be reminded of it quite often. Man has the habit of creating a new definition of goodness to suit his needs and this reminder is a potential check to see that he is good. The history of man is so varied, he has the power to be absolutely selfless and to be selfish to the core. He has the ability to be so good that words find it difficult to express and he can also be so cruel that he reminds us of the worst thing that ever happened. Why so much difference?

It is also true that every man has in him the ability to be both extremes in nature, and it is also true that inherently no man wants to be the negative extreme. But man also subconsciously manipulates his definition of good and bad, so that when he chooses to be what he wants he feels less guilty. We as human beings are so more powerful than we think we are, so powerful that we can become our own savior and destructor. The choice lies in us to see where we want to be.

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