It is your responsibility to make a difference!

It is so beautiful to see that so much can be done in life if you look at it as a complete creation of oneself. If you were to plant something, you get the joy of doing so, the relaxation and happiness of continuing to nurture it and as it grows you can be sure that it will contribute positively to the environment. Your actions good or bad can have a long lasting impact on life, again not just yours but also others. A silent nod can be as good and bad based on the context and our life is filled with thousands of such nods that we make. A word thrown out of context can hurt, but the right word delivered to the right ears can make such a difference.

While knowing that you can if you need, control your life and that surrounding, you should also understand the fact that nothing is in control. The important and necessary deeds are always done so movement happens and the result of the deeds change you. As an ever changing life form, you are quite different from what you were a moment ago, both in body and mind. Sadly, even if you want you cannot revert back to an older form in time, but you can mirror something that has passed and you know is good. The past can tell us so much on how you want your future and the whole idea of experience is to know that the next step you take will make a difference. While giving away the control of your life, acknowledge that your actions have an impact and act and think accordingly