Be attentive and we will see life paint its complete color.

A few years ago when I was listening to a song attentively trying to enjoy both the lyrics and the music, a friend asked me, why do you listen to music without doing anything. His point was that music is suppose to be a background activity when you are engaged doing something else. May be driving, doing house chores, doing some work and going to sleep and so on. While I agree that I can have music in the background while I do these, I also love to give some time just to do one thing without making music a secondary activity of importance.

Many things in life becomes background scores for us as we live, people close to us and how they contribute to our life become background activities. Having food on the table becomes a background activity, and you start eating at your work desk. We apparently loose quality time when we attentively do one thing. Following that route we will only have secondary activities in life; everything loses its needed attention and skips the importance in life. This lack of attentiveness kills our love towards many things in life and also loses our recognition of people who make our life worth living. Be attentive and we will see life in its complete color.

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