Why I am unsure about Baba Ramdev?

Baba Ramdev fasts; and why is it that I don’t feel the same I felt when Anna Hazare embarked on it a while back. Though there are a lot of similarities in the demands, why is it that I feel different here and why is it that I feel all smoke and glitter. Why is it that I feel that giving Baba Ramdev my support would not be the right thing. Though I am against corruption and a strong believer that people will rise when the need comes, why am I unsure about Baba Ramdev and his supporting troop.

Anna Hazare for me represented a large section of India that I deeply respect. In Anna Hazare I saw countless senior citizens in their seventies having seen the pre and post independent India and voicing for a reform. These are people who were inspired by our great leaders as kids and grew up

with their ideals and values and slowly saw the country suffocating within the hands of young, dynamic and new age corruption.

Last forty years people grew up seeing Bollywood dance and sing and self made millionaires emerge victorious. One can comment that this is progress and I am not the right person to debate that, but I feel there is a significant difference in value systems. You can become successful, do good and remain un corrupted but I think many over the past 40 years chose to be indifferent to what happened around them. We did not have to fight for what we have now, it was given to us in a platter and that platter contained a choice to be corrupted and many exercised the choice without a big burden on the heart. Anna called out to us to look inside.

For me Anna Hazare is the symbol of the helpless eye that followed a country as it emerged as a major technology hub in the world, but still saw that people in various parts of the country lived below normal standards. He was the voice that symbolized the lost requests of a generation who always told us to walk in the footsteps of the makers of our nation. His fast was a shout at me to find myself in the chaos of the fabricated righteousness of the emerging economy world over. Anna Hazare for me was a wake up call

Baba Ramdev, I have nothing much to say now, Since I respect him for his yogic talent and I know much less about him, I am still unsure, I might write when I know more, but seems like for now he is stuck somewhere in the traffic of the news media unable to get out :). But I am sure that I would love to see a representation on his stage from all sectors of India and not just the saffron clad India. I do not belong to a saffron India, but an India that has both saffron and green in it with a stripe of the peaceful white color connecting them…..