The Shitty, Shittier and Shittiest

The congress government seems to be both tasting and swimming in a pool of shit. Apparently the situation (or should I say Shituation) is that the shit is blocking their windpipe. It is getting very stinky for many of them, they are suffocating and with every breathe the odor is becoming more intense. A deadly combination of suffocation and defecation

The arrest, the explanations, accusations, deliberations and defamations all just point to the long standing contributions to corruption. All political mileage gained from one Baba’s antics at the front door a few months ago is now dashing out through their own backdoor.

For those in power they do not realize that the powerless (citizens) is over a billion in number and a striking majority of them don’t hold swiss bank accounts, want to get rid of corruption, and are realizing that for change to happen they need to respond back in the same language as the father of the nation.

The people don’t care anymore about political symbols or color of the flags be it white, blue, red, saffron or green, but from where they stand they just see a black flag that has a billion dots on it that resonate with their failed requests to their leaders to act in the best interest of the nation.

The time is up for politicians who want to lead the nation on the basis of their political lineage, or the contributions of their forefathers or their marriage or what their family name is. Indian leadership is not anymore who claim to be born with a party ticket in their hand. No one really cares about your speeches in the parliament because people deal with the local village officers, government officers and other folks who have a hand in how they live and what amenities they get as a citizen of this great nation. They have heard enough speeches and explanations on why the system is corrupt by default. More over they can no more hear you from where they stand, for you have pushed them far into oblivion.

It is not that they want to bypass judiciary; it is just that they are fed up. Fed up of hearing that things will be addressed and seeing that the courts and law makers are more keen on pulling the cases through the pathways of time and history. By the time a judgment is given the actual event of crime has found its place as a mere mention in the history text books. No one has a lifetime to see the guilty served their sentence.
People feel sad when they see that the money that could have been used to build their roads, send their kids to schools, get themselves treated when they are ill and help them live in comparable environments like that of people elsewhere are stashed in the foreign banks in personal and pseudo names. They are deeply hurt and no one in power seems to understand.

They were even divided when Ramdev Baba embarked on a similar fight a while back. While many of them were unsure of his intentions and the underlying political aspirations several of them supported him because the enemy was corruption and some thought they could use any help they get. All that people want is to get rid of this corruption that eats into the life of even the unborn baby in the belly of the wed and even the unwed. They are saddened that they elect and send you all to the top to take care of things and you just talk, shout beg for votes and support.

So they do not care anymore who among you is the Shitty, Shittier and Shittiest, they request you to make some change and not to give them more explanations on who is right and wrong. It does not take a PHD to understand what is good and bad. If you are amassing personal wealth through the means of corruption you are wrong, this is your chance to correct yourself. Open your eyes and look in the mirror or close your eyes and look into your soul. For the sake of this country make the change it needs.

Why don’t you understand that the nation will rally behind Anna Hazare because they feel it is time for a change. There is a word ‘enough’ in the english dictionary.

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