Ra-One Review and Sentiments

g.one-ra-oneRa-One the most anticipated super hero flick from the self/media proclaimed King of Khans, Bollywood superstar Sharukh Khan was this year’s Diwali gift to the Indian community. Out of my respect to the hard work put into the movie, I would not be divulging anything related to the movie in here as it was only released yesterday. And take my review with a pinch of salt as I am not a Sharukh Khan fan and I am among those who believe he does a bit too much of over acting aptly suited for the sixties female actors.

Beyond Sharukh Khan the main attraction to the movie is an interesting cameo scene by Sanjay Dutt and an unwanted appearance by the very own desi girl Priyanka chopra. Bachan sab is credited as shehensha Amithab Bachan and lends his super voice in a small occasion. And the rumors are true, Rajani Sir did bless the movie by appearing in person, or should I say he send out chitti as he was busy shooting other villains in the movies and saving the real world.

The Visual effects are great and they have a few elements of comedy that can make you laugh. Acting wise both for Kareena and Sharukh, I hold back my comments as my opinions on that are not on the popular side for either of them. Some good action scenes accompanied by some dancing numbers are also an attraction.

For those who like to know how it faired with Rajani sir’s Robo; let me tell you that Rajani sir is Rajani sir, be it Robo or a Hobo. So don’t ask such trivial questions while trying to watch this movie; Chitti Chitti Bang Bang always. The movie has its inspiration from ROBO written all over it, though the plot is innovative enough to give the story writer a small pat on the shoulder.

I had not seen Rajani Sir’s Robo in the theatre and I think that was a big miss. But here, I don’t think you will miss that much. But there are more stupid movies coming on big screen and if you normally watch movies in the theatre, I would say you should watch this one too. I am sure most movie lovers will watch it in the theatres or when the DVD comes out, because what ever said Sharukh has the screen presence that even his critics like me love to watch.

Another comparison is with Abhishek’s Drona, Ra-One is miles apart in all aspects with the disastrous Drona. But again I don’t think Indian community and movie makers are still ready for sci-fi, we rather work in intel, Nasa and such scientific and technology organizations, but we really don’t sleep and walk with animated characters, aliens and the lot. So it is always difficult for someone like to me to digest all the mix they add to a hindi speaking super hero. I have heard that once the late NT Rama Rao the telugu matinee idol acted as super man in some old movie where he was blessed by hanuman to be superman. Never had a chance to watch it, though Hanuman blessing man to be superman is more Indian I guess 🙂

I guess super heros are not for us indians, we love to see our heros beat up hundred people and romance three at a time and dance like six Michael Jacksons all the time being portrayed as normal people like us. Our Indian heros don’t need a story line and super powers to act like super heros and we love seeing that. Hope not many people pull up the superhero jacket again. Awaiting for Don 2 next.

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3 replies

  1. i disliked the movie plain and simple…

    • Its not that bad when you see other movies as in comparison. When Rajni’s movie came first this one has to be compared and you know where it stands…!!! I think the effort is to bring on Bollywood with the upcoming technology era…!
      Whether you are SRK fan or not…the hype and media made you to go to the show on the release day 🙂 so enjoy the moments!!!

  2. oops! It was supposed to be a comment for Vinu…sorry Udita!!!

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