No One Knows About Persian Cats – A Review

No_one_knows_about_persian_catsBahman Ghobadi’s “Kasi az gorbehaye irani khabar nadareh” titled in English “No One knows about Persian Cats” is a wonderful indie movie that looks at the importance of freedom to do what you love. Here it is music, Not just music but the glimpses of the underworld Rock scene in Tehran.

The movie follows two musicians Negar and Ashkan who after being released from Prison want to play in a London Concert. The movie Revolves around the hurdles athey face in their pursuit. Starting from having a secure place to practice to getting together a complete band and getting Visa permits to travel to london and of course having the money for the whole deal.

The movie showcases a generation’s love of music and the extend they travel to achieve their dreams. They are assisted by an underground Music Enthusiast “Nader” who does everything in his hand to make their dream come true. The role of Nader is done by ‘Hamed Behdad’ who is also known as the Marlon Brando of Iran

There is no doubt that Indie movies give you talent so raw that you can feel it is alive and real. Loved this one

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