Split Personalities in Social Media

The other day a thought occurred. If someone with a split personality (Very acute as shown in thriller movies, though I am not sure if the extend of fiction in the movies are far from reality) uses social media tools like Facebook and Twitter would he or she remember the passwords of a profile created by one personality? Or would they create a new profiles for every new personality that they split into? Assuming they will remember the passwords and will log into and update the same Facebook or twitter profile will either of them think that their account has been hacked?

Personalities splitting in Social Media

This might be too far fetched to be a common route because it can happen only if two things fall in line. Someone with an acute split personality and all personalities being Social Media enthusiasts and updating when a personality takes over. Might not happen often or is it really happing more often

If you look at individuals using Social Media, even if you don’t have a split personality, your social footprints will reflect all your personalities (at least if you transparently use the media). If you are a calculated social media user who uses it for marketing and similar purposes and very cautious of what you say you might not end up in this lot. But the scary part is that a good amount of users who post, comment, like or share are quite transparent and it is instant by the moment.

Our emotional complexities unpeeled in the Social Media

As a human being we are a mix of different kinds of emotions Love, Lust, anger, happiness, caring, jealousy, mocking and the list can go on. And given that our social media interaction is often abrupt and a result of our state of mind at that time and what we read or see, we might be able to see how our personality keeps changing.

Let us rule out all the generically likable videos and funny comments. Think about a comment thread in a post that you comment over comments and waver from the original topic. Then when you end the discussion and go back and read the same after a few months how will you feel (Now this has to be some kind of hot topic that you care or disagree from the bottom of your heart).

The convergence will happen

Issues that matter today might look trivial tomorrow. Our stand today on an issue might change with the facts we learn tomorrow. Our complex life would throw parameters that change us all together. Before the days of Social Media life in reality was quite different. As an active Social media user I have seen many times when emotions carry over discussions and statuses only to later think that something is now what it should have been.

You are beyond and greater than your comments and Shares

Now again with the world dividing between active Social users and inactive users and non users it must be an interesting impact on the real life we live. I am not sure if all will go on for the well, but I am sure of one thing tomorrow will not be the way today is and this evolution will either bind us stronger or wither us away. I hope to focus on the binding and so consider the comments as a comment and not the real person I know. The real person is not just what you keep conveying on social media, but you are much more and beyond the Social Media that you are part of.

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