What Kolaveri teaches us – 15 lessons in one song

kolaveriAfter being the most popular song last year ‘Why this Kolavery di?” teaches us a few lessons

  1. That we can all sing if we want
  2. That Social media can popularize something
  3. That what people like has nothing to do with what is termed as ‘brilliant’
  4. Brilliance is also acceptance not just the piece of art alone
  5. No marketing data would have predicted Kolaveri success
  6. Though point 5 is true many jokers will still spend money in marketing research
  7. And marketing companies will make money
  8. Many more will start to replicate Kolaveri lookalikes
  9. And bore the hell out of us
  10. if your shit gets popular the world will copy your sitting (shitting) posture
  11. People now think they can create trends using Social Media
  12. Marketing companies will make money here as well
  13. People will still continue making music from the heart
  14. Just like someone made Kolaveri
  15. And it will again get straight into the hearts of millions
  16. But will not sound anything like Kolaveri

So Social Media was not a reason but a media that enabled the common man to promote. The reason for success is that it was different, fun, from the heart, humble, no expectations, you and me type and kind of cool.

Also It cannot be repeated, don’t try it, you can only be a clone not an original. I am sorry for all those people who bashed the song comparing them to the music, lyrics and singing of legends of Indian cinema. There is no comparison, Kolaveri is a one off success, its popularity does not demean any great song or artist in India and does not belittle the common Indian’s sense of music. It was just a success, enjoy and let go

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