Stop subsidizing your Vending Machine

When we look at Vending Machines the first thing that comes to our mind is convenience. WIthout having to leave the building and go out to a shop, you can get something to munch in your office. But the same Vending Machine can become a curse if you are not sure how to use them. Over the top in many companies they are subsidized and that way you will eat and not munch. Now people would say there are healthy things to munch in the vending machine. Yes there are but they are along side chocolates, cheese and fired chips.

The Vending Machine does not tell you that you have had too much junk and you should choose one of the healthy munch-ables this time. It will vend anything you pay for. So who has to decide you have to. I am not against vending machines, they surely are a convenience but then when does convenience become a habit? And from experience I can tell you habits are hard to go and I find myself in the majority who find it tough to get rid of habits that are bad.

The first solution is that since it is convenience you should pay more. Stop the subsidies on the Vending machine and even charge them slightly more than the usual stores. Though I am not very sure is that is really practical. Nevertheless, subsidized vending machines should be a NO. I know that when the vending machine in the cafeteria increased the 25 cents to $1:00 many would come stand in front of them and blame and many would go back without buying. But yet people who really needed something to munch did that. Another interesting thing is that you should also have more portions of healthy munches than the unhealthy ones and that way people will make a choice for healthy ones because it gives you more buck for the dollar.

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