Love your Mother like your Mother

Mother earth wept at the feet of her own children
Multiplying by billions, do they really heed
“Be considerate”; she cried
don’t rape me in the pretext of reaping
A day will come when I can support no more
No more feed and No more protect
For the wrath of the unknowns
are unknown even to me

No, I am not angry, I am sad
Because like a mother I too will die
trying to save my children,
It makes me sad when I think
You my children will also perish with me
Wake up my Children
Embrace me, respect me and love me back
For tomorrow I will have nothing more to give
but dust, barren lands and dried up rivers

When you walk on me as a kid
I wait for those feet to grow
and stamp me harder and run on me
Take from me everything you need
to survive and be happy

When you grow
you take your feet off me
start driving the wheels on me
Roll those military tanks on me
Kill one other and ruin
the legacy of my kids before your time
Your own forefathers whom too I bore
Whose absence I always bear with tears

You cut my beautiful hair locks
Pierce my eyes and blind me
You tear me apart and drink my blood
Yet I love you all
I know you would say this is progress
But all I ask is be considerate
For I wish to be there when you grow old
To care of your kids and your grand kids
And for generations ahead of you
I want to be there for all of you

My children, I lie under your feet
Walk on me, run on me
but don’t crush me
I am your mother
before even your biological mother was born
I am also your father’s mother
Before his forefathers walked on me

Listen to me my children
It is not in my hand
That fate has tied us together
My existence is your only existence
I love you all
Please love me back


Categories: Poetry


2 replies

  1. Sadly, while there’s profit to be made by raping nature, things simply won’t change. Money is far too important nowadays.

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