To my sister Anu

Today is my sister’s birthday and I wish her the very best in her life. When we were kids we never thought that years ahead in life we would be living so far apart in this world that we could not attend each other’s birthday.

We probably thought that life will remain in the same little cozy shell our parents built for us, but every shell is bound to break. But every thing that breaks out of a shell will always be bonded together . We were broken out of the same shell and so even if the world takes us far away the bonding travels through time.

I know that when we were growing up you once said that I am not like other brothers, I stopped being fun one fine day. Looking back I think I did, I stopped being fun one day, I guess I started becoming too protective. But our mother’s able hands never let me do it for she always took care of us. My protection I guess remained in my being stiff and boring and nothing more than that 🙂

But you were there every time I needed you, every time I felt alone I knew there was someone on the other side of the world who looked much like me and she would be there. Well I guess in that respect you have been my elder brother more than me being yours 🙂

The relation of siblings can never be expressed in words but when the time comes it expresses itself taking you back to the secure shelter of being a kid. It transcends space and time because the bonding was created before time existed in each our contexts. I know I still get boring at times 🙂

I wish that you enjoy this day so much that every other day in your life will be so new and exciting for you. That you get to be a kid again every now and then. You have been the best sister in this world and I am sure your daughter will be the best sister in this world.

I am sure Achan (dad) would have been so proud of you today, you were always his favorite 🙂

Love You and Miss you all !