Malayalam movie Ordinary is quite Extraordinary – A Review

Ordinary Malayalam Movie reviewsWatched the Malayalam Movie “Ordinary” yesterday. It is so nice to see movies like this in Malayalam that are a treat to watch for both the eyes and the mind. Movies that bring out the talents of its cast to the fullest to create a perfect blend of visual treat.

The Ordinary Story

The movie though named ordinary is indeed an extra ordinary experience. While the story line is nothing that anyone else could not have imagined that is exactly where the success lies. Being able to take a story that is so ordinary and convert it so well into an enjoyable experience is a credit worth applauding.

The Extraordinary casting of Biju Menon and Baburaj

The casting needs a special mention with everyone getting an ideal role and giving their best. Though what stands out is Biju Menon’s performance with his new (never before seen) style of dialogue delivery and splendid acting that once again proved that he is so well blending into every movie he acts. I have always liked his acting and felt that he always got less recognition in the industry. Hopefully this movie will spiral him to a much wanted supporting star.

Baburaj had already proved his talents in salt and pepper and this is yet another great role for him. His role of the harmless drunkard throughout the movie steals your heart. He really takes effort and brings his character out of the bad man image that the industry had put on him

Though I am not a big fan of Kunchako Boban, he has done a good job with his role. The same goes with Asif Ali who is one of the good finds of the industry in the recent years.

The Location that cameras love

The Visuals of idukki and nearby area shows the beauty of Kerala in its fullest and I am sure the choice of location was a big advantage for the movie and also the camera man has brought out the best experience. His Camera needs a special mention with the actors because his camera acted equally well giving the needed backing for its actors.

Refreshing after a Devastation

This was so refreshing after the devastation of watching the lal-Priyan movie “Arabiyum ottkavum…. that I had lot of hopes when I went to watch. Mukesh was the only reason I probably did not walk out of the theatre and of course the feeling that I am doing a grave mistake not watching a Lal movie completely. Which was good because the last few minutes of the movie brought out some scenes that only Lal could do.

The result of some bold steps

When we see movies like ‘Ordinary’ we should understand that it is the result of some bold steps producers take to bet their money on an idea. It again starts with a small story in someone’s mind that succeeds in getting the backing to be made into a movie. If we believe that many more such simple stories can be visually narrated by people with talent, we are assured that Malayalam cinema has a great future ahead.

There should be special mention to the writer, producer, directing and casting crew to make this movie so good to watch.

The days of Gandhinagar, Vellanakal and TP Balagopalan are not over yet, they still exist waiting for a backing to be brought to the big screen.


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  1. Tipping point indeed, for Biju Menon’s Career.

  2. Yes Vinod, one of the best movies I have seen.

    I just happened to reach your site while browsing for N.S.S.Meenchanda. Was indeed very happy to find a write up on our school. Was a student of the school from 7th to SSLC. I passed SSLC in 1985. Maybe you know me. I was the school leader in the 10th. Since the class photo provided is not very clear and it is a long time now, I am not able to recognize your face. Ms.M.R.Nambiar was the HM. Sadanandan Sir, Narayanan Nair sir and Bhat sir were there during the period. Any news about them? Do reply to my comment. Wish to get connected with our old friends.

    love and regards,


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