Aamir’s Satyamev Jayate is a burst of truth into all the blocked veins of India

Watched the maiden episode of Aamir Khan’s TV show “Satyamev Jayate”. Explosive and charged with facts the message should erupt like a volcano in the minds of the people all around. The topic for the maiden show was on female foeticide an evil practice that has gripped the minds of a large number of people in India.

This is a practice that will lead to definite increase in crime on women, and many other terrible consequences that would leave the nation of billions crippled if not acted upon. The interesting fact was that the practice is not necessarily by the illiterate but a high amount even by highly educated folks who are sometimes considered as creams in society. People decorating the high posts in health, power, civil offices, law and more indulge in a collective effort to let this happen. And all for what, to make more money.

While the issue is about the terrible notion that a boy is better than a girl, it is also a result of the greed to make more money that make people from various camps of the society to indulge in this act even if they do not completely subscribe to it in their personal lives. This makes the hands of crime many times more than the actual number, which is an alarming fact that we cannot live with.

A practice the result of which has even slowly moved the girl child form being a mother and sister to a commodity that is purchased and sold in many villages in Rajasthan. All happening because the practice has created a growing number of adults who do not have a female pair and they have encroached into the very fabric of the society tearing it from top to down. Shameful and atrocious to even be a witness here.

Kudos to Aamir for having conceived such an important show that will infuse some good blood into the veins of the nation. When channels are duplicating and triplicating many british and american TV shows and then going all way to increase their TRP, here is something that is very genuine and crucial and should be shown. Thanks to Star Plus for airing the program

If you have not watched, I highly recommend you to watch it and share the message. You can also interact directly with the group behind the show on their site www.satyamevjayate.in.

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  1. hats off to aamir and his team for this great effort!!

  2. Aamir Khan’s TV show “Satyamev Jayate” is so fantastic. In this show Aamir expose that most of the crime on women are done in the highly educated families

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