Call 1098 Child Line – India’s 24 hour emergency outreach number for children in need of care and protection

I am not sure what the cynics of Aamir Khan’s Satyameva Jayate would say after watching (if they watched) the second episode of the program that was focused on Child Sexual Abuse. Again this is also a known issue and as protective parents we all fear our kids having to face such a situation, but again do we know everything we need to know to keep our kids safe. This show was not just about awareness but also of how to respond and act when there is a sexual abuse towards a child.

I have been away from India since 1999 and so I am not sure if that is the reason that I do not know that there is helpline called 1098 child line that one can call to report a child abuse case. I am not sure if people in India are fully aware of it. Does every kid know about it just like kids are taught about 911 in US.

May be my ignorance, but this is the first time I heard about this service and I thought it is important to dedicate a post towards this. Seems they started the helpline in Mumbai in 1996. Even during a time when I  was aware and feared the act of abuse on any child, I never knew about a help line in Bangalore or any place for that matter. I am sure todays connected internet age would have made a difference to this. But Aamir’s show might reach people who are not connected through the cyber space. That is the value he brought by taking up this issue and creating the awareness. Any more Cynics…..?

The Child Help Line 1098 website is . which when you visit also has a warning on the site that says that someone has been sending a mail chain asking people to call 1098 for picking left over food from the party.

Also when I searched google it gave me a search possibility “1098 child helpline hoax”. which confused me for a bit. But that search is about this mail chain hoax and not the original service and the good work they do. The Auto complete in Google search can also be so stupid at times because of the context. Just FYI, Also please watch this video to see the helpline in action and why it is important

It was also news to me that there was no strong law in India to fight these abuses and bring the perpetrators to justice. But how many of us would have thought there was no proper law. We might have thought that a decision might take long, but imagine a situation when the necessary laws dont exist or those that exist do so with so much gaps that it can be worthless. That is far from what I imagined, not sure what your thoughts are.

One item which I believe Aamir did not mention is there can be cases where one would have been the witness as a child to a sexual advance by someone towards you or another child and because you or the other child was lucky, nothing bad would have happened. But did you make this information public, are you sure that no one else was hurt. What if any other kid was less lucky, are you ready to take that burden on your soul.

I know you might think why would someone not inform. But the truth is many such unsuccessful sexual advances go uninformed and lead to bigger offenses. So if as a child you have been witness and you still know the person roams free, it would be good if you can do a check and see. As successful adults you could reach out to this person (who you presume could have been an abuser) and see if he is out to his tricks even now. I think Aamir should have added this as well.

You might not be able to undo what might have happened as a result of you not making a big issue of such unsuccessful attempts as kids. But now you could reach out and find and if needed take action and inform authorities. It is never late to make a correct move and save kids who might turn out less lucky that you or someone you know.

Again I want to take this opportunity to Thank Aamir for taking up this issue and bringing out this second episode. And a final word to cynics out there, cynics only reach the first episode before it starts and the second episode never happens in their realm. It is good to question what you don’t believe, but never think life around is irreparably damaged and hopeless.

As some one said chronic cynics will ruin this world, and world needs people who can believe that a difference can be made by each one of us and that every change for good starts small before even you know that its a good change. It all starts when the heart says go on before the brian can pull itself together. So Cynics hold on…

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  1. In India Govt is sleeping because 25% of children’s now working as child labor and they are struggling for money But Indian govt is Not caring about children’s …… So.. Indian Govt is like a business because they want to make money

  2. Hamare desh mai kai bacho ko kisi na kisi tarah se harresed kiya jata hai phir chahe vo bache amer gharse ho ya gareb par aj mai jo apse kehna chahte hu vo 2 mahene purane baat hai . 3n boys the unke umar kareban 11 se 15 hai behad haste hasate the shaam hote he3no jan kehlne bahar jate the par aj aisa nahi hota aajkal vo 3n bache yaane ki boys aaj kal gharpar baithe rehte hai na to khelne jate hai aur na masti karte hai bas apna apne gharpar rehte hai aur eska kaaran sirf aur sirf unke ek galte aur jante hai unke galte kya hai ki unhone sabke saath acha rehne ki koshih ki kisika bura nahi chaha hamesha apne bado ki ejjat ki yahi galate hai en bacho ki ki jo aj ghar par hai vo… 6 adults girls yeh saare wahi rehte the jaha yeh 3n boys rehte the ek he building mai 2 mahene pehle yeh log eksath khela karte the par en mai se ek ladke thode ajeb the kabhi en boys ke sath achese baat nahi karte hamesha chillate the aur gharpar complaint karte , ek din vo ladke chillane lag gaye kachra mat pheko ganda mat karo en 3n mai se ek ko phir us ladka ke ghar ke bole ki hum sab andar he hai kabse jab tum hamko kuch karte dekho to bolo par vo nahi maane issue issue par issue creat kar rahe the so vo ladka ke gharwale andar chale matlab usko ignore kiya chodo etna samjhane par nahi maante khud he chale jaege , par vo gande gande gaale galoch kar chale gae , and then next day subha mai sabh chillane lag gay kyonki ek ceet mele the un 6 ladkiyon mai ek k ghar ke pas which was having so vulger and chip words in it aur sabko shak hua yeh cheet un 3n ladko ne lekhe hai un mai se ek ladke ko maafe mange kaha gaya jabke sirf shak tha to par vo ladka nahi mana es liye uske dad bole mere ladka ne nahi leka hai to nahi mafe mangega ham police ke pass chalte hai aur wahapar bhi koi response nahi mila police ne to kuch inquiry he nahi ki bas en 3n bacho ko lagta hai ki kabhi na kabhi jaror sach bahar aaega kyonki sach ek setara hai jaror chamkega yahi umeed hai sabhi ko

  3. Eise bhut hota he

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