Meeting Gary Guller

Meeting Gary Guller is like referring to an edition of the dictionary that did not print the word ‘impossible’. We refer dictionaries not for knowledge but for meanings to words that we find hard to understand or even not know about. When you hear Gary speak as you sit in the audience or when you have a one on one chat with him, he answers many of your questions before you even ask them.

Gary Guller is the first person with one arm to summit Mount everest. He also lead the world’s largest ever cross-disability group to the Everest Base Camp. And this did not happen just like that, beyond the physical effort it takes to climb everest there is also a long road of preparation.

Also you can imagine what it takes to bringing together a large group of people with cross-disabilities together to achieve what most of the people (without any disabilities) only dream about. It takes much more than training and funds, it takes a vision beyond ones own self.

When he says “thirty five years of passion, focus and dedication for thirty one minutes on the top of the world” it covers a lot in it. When you rework that sentence all over in your mind again it explodes into thousands of pieces each answering many questions in your life about passion, work, ambition, wants, desire, team work, commitment, trust and more. It even tells you about the unpredictability of life and the balance that you keep as you walk on it and above all the importance of every moment you live in.

Just before the talk when we shared a few minutes together and got introduced an interesting fact struck me. Gary as a motivational speaker often communicates with many CEOs and top executives who head organizations and groups in the corporate world. And the reason they look at Gary for inspiration might be because he has literally been on the top of the world. In their journeys to the top of their organizations who else can be a better inspiration and coach than Gary.

I have heard several motivational speakers talk in my life, but not many times do you get to see someone who does not quote from other’s lives but tells his own story and it inspires you. Well Gary tells you what he did and you will be inspired…

To know more about Gary please visit his site

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