An Evening with Dr. Kumar Vishwas

With Kumar VishwasDr. Kumar Vishwas is the most celebrated hindi poet among the Indian youth inside and outside India. With his famous iconic poem rendition “Koi Dewaana kehta hai” he has been household name for quite a long time. But Dr. Kumar not only brings beautifully woven words in the form of romantic poetry but also a surge of patriotism, Indian culture and societal responsibility for every indian where ever they go.

His poems have not only amused the tender love in the youthful hearts of the hindi speaking Indians around the world but also activated their responsibility to react positively to what happens around you. As an active and integral part of the “India against Corruption” movement under the veteran Gandhian Anna Hazare he has also been able to bring his power of words to social causes.

In my opinion a poet who does not write to contribute to the fight against the ills in the society they live in is just putting words in a basket and putting it for auction, and Dr. Kumar brings his social responsibility into messages tightly woven with fun and laughter in his poems.

It is a fact that many truths how ever bitter when explained with a tint of comedy travels much far into the hearts and mind than when said as it is. Poetry is one of the most effective medium to bring awareness to the masses and if you look at history poets are always on the side of the masses.

Though I have been hearing Dr. Kumar on the internet this is the first time I had a chance to see him live and I will cherish this evening for a long time. When I hear Dr. Kumar recite his poetry I feel that he is a true example to something I wrote a few years back

“The power of the pen is not in the color of ink it spills; but the power of the word it spells”

You can write with pens of any color ink; but what matters is the power of the word and the message that words can bring forth. It is not how many pages you write with colorful ink that matters, but how many minds and thoughts you have colored with your words. Kudos Dr. Kumar for your poetry and the effort you are doing to contribute to the social work and fight against corruption.

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  1. Kumar sir………You are a great poet and great people of this world…….God Bless you…..

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