Jism-2 – They could have done better with the plot

jism-2The decision to watch Jism-2. The reasons were two. I had liked the movie and plot in the first Jism and then it has Sunny Leone the Indo Canadian Porn star in the lead who is trying her debut in bollywood after her recent appearance in Big Boss in India.

Sunny I dont think was chosen to play the role because of her acting skills (which is evident) and so there is not much expected from her from that angle. But you get enough of Sunny in the movie if that is the idea after all.

But the sad part is they had a pretty good plot to work on and they could have made a nice movie if they would not have focussed more on Sunny’s assets. Randeep Hooda did a fine job and he as we know has the potential to act rough characters. He had also done an excellent job in the previous Sahib, Biwi and Gangster.

Arunoday is charming but needs a lot to learn about acting. Jism-1 had a real good chemistry between John and Bipasha which was key…here Sunny was all over and at times and no time for chemistries and at times seemed like an aberration to the flow of movie. Arif Zakaria also goes unused.

The songs are nice but not as good as its predecessor. The song that is really good was Ali Azmat’s “Ishq bhi kiya hey Maula…”

I don’t see much chance for Sunny in Bollywood though she probably served the marketing purpose that producers intended.

Movie is not worth spending the time in a Theatre…

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