Babumoshai….. zindagi lambi nahi badi honi chahiye…..

zindagi Badi Honi chahiye Lambi NahinThe first super star of Bollywood passes away… Rajesh Khanna who I will always remember as Anand – the character he played in the movie ‘Anand’. He was only 69

He was not well for quite sometime and even Indian channels had been playing his old songs and discussions with fellow film fraternity. So he had been in front of us in the past few days as well

Nothing much to write but a few dialogues from Anand.

Babumoshai…..zindagi lambi nahi badi honi chahiye….
(Sir…..Life need not be long it should be big)

“Babu moshai, hum aane waale dukh ko kheench taan kar is pal main lee aate hain. Aisa kyon?”
(Sir, why do we always pull the sadness that is yet to come all the way to this moment that we are living)

‘Anand mara nahi. Anand marte nahi’
(Anand is not dead. Anands don’t die)

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  1. Thanks. nice dialogue by Rajesh Khanna.

  2. everybody must thinkover all dialouges of “anand”

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