Marissa Mayer Joins Yahoo as CEO…and I wonder where I use Yahoo

It is big news in the Valley…Marissa Mayer will now head Yahoo…. As that news hits the headlines and everyone tweeting about it, I was trying to see what I use Yahoo for.

I was an active Yahoo email user and search user earlier but not any more…. No I do have an email that I use to mainly track consulting opportunities…but my personal email id is not yahoo. Even when I had a personal yahoo email id, it was only a secondary id and my main email id was hotmail.

All that changed when Google came.… first I moved my search activity to Google and then my email and then almost stopped visiting hotmail and yahoo.  Oh yes I used to use Yahoo groups…but then FB took that out as well…no I did not even start using Google groups much..

Then blogging came about and it all started with blogger and that added to the reasons to be with Google.  Now the interesting thing is that this shift to Google made me totally alien to MSN services but still kept me with Yahoo and today when this news comes up and I look at what I use Yahoo for I could find 2 items…which is good… These are personal preferences and not sure if it would be a typical user cross section

Yahoo Movies: I am still hooked to yahoo for my movie show times ( a big activity for me)
Yahoo Finance: I still find it easy to use yahoo finance for any stock related news (though not a  big activity for me)

So unlike MSN…, Yahoo is not totally out of my radar as an internet tool… So I guess I will look forward to see what new comes from the yahoo family….And the fact that she is coming from Google and was involved much in both Google Search and Gmail…

Congratulations! Marissa…

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