Guwahati – Questions on Law and order, Underage drinking, Media ethics and more…everyone is answerable…

Guwahati-assault-380The Guwahati incident is not just an incident of shame, it is an incident that opens up so many questions before us. Starting from under aged drinking to the Thug nature, mob mentality to media ethics, authorities response, indifference and lack of basic civility among people. On one side I was thinking how someone could stand there and shoot the incident without doing what is necessary to stop it. But then would this have been such an issue if this footage was not available and the world did not come to know about it… The question is what will get done even when the crime is so clear..

The recent issue in Santhiniketan and the issue of the French diplomat raping his own 4 year old daughter where the authorities are more busy questioning the character of the mother than the pervert who is on trial, I think we have a lot of questions shot at us that we need to find answers for. This is the same Guwahati where a tribal girl was stripped and beaten in public… Now there is video footage and yet out of the fifteen or forty people who were said to be involved it is only 4 who have been arrested… Will this also be a “Chaltha Hai” (It’s OK) incident and will authorities be more interested in questioning the girl and her parents on how she was drunk……?

This incident is a shame for every one of those who call themselves sane humans because other than the girl and the people who molested here there was a sizable number of me and yous standing and watching either afraid to act or enjoying the Thamasha (Show) . It is sad to see that life forms belonging to your own species (human) can stoop to such levels. How do we see ourselves living in a society and where is our civility…?

The Camera crew and media while having a responsibility to bring this to light also hold the responsibility to not try to look at this event as a cover story news item for their career advancement. But if career advancement is dependent on bringing such sensational footage then what would you expect young media people to do….?

When you look at media and journalism what comes into your mind is the fearless reporters and bodyguards of civility and social justice who take up the pen or the camera to expose what is not visible to the common eye. But at a time when we even hear stories where media news gets rigged for popularity the media is answerable to the question of how the filming of the ordeal happened. It is said the actual footage was for almost half hour and in which the girl tried to run away four times and every time brought back in front of the camera. How do you keep filming it and how long do you do it… how many times….?

Rewinding to the first paragraph the problems with underage drinking. The teen says she is in the eleventh grade which is too young but an age when they wish that the next few years would run so fast that they are ready to be adults and on their own. It is a fact because we are moving towards a society where many things have broken the lower age limits. Even if not legally if you look at movies and songs (with Lyrics) that are now ok for kids  and promoted for teens are those that we would at times feel obscene.

I am of the opinion that the kids today are not like how we were, technology, exposure to the world, ideas and thoughts are different and if they are far ahead than us in many things it is a natural change. But the problem is worse in india where we have two Indias being made….. the one that is the newage and symbolises generational progress for many and another one that feels itself disconnected and outcasted…. and in such a situation we have a much bigger issue in hand..

India is not open yet at least as far as I know where a kid in eleventh grade can tell her parents that she would like to go out and party with friends. The openness to start a conversation where they discuss the pitfalls and problems associated with it. To discuss the use of alcohol in parties and the fact that eve if you dont drink you would get intoxicated by having a drink in which something could be mixed etc….. This leaves the kids to relay and form their thoughts and understanding from friends and media which includes movies, videos and other promotions which always need not be a good advisor. But in these cases the video in question I think is a big eyeopener for both parents and kids alike.

We can hope this would open discussions in all households about the problems in underage drink, dance parties, etc… I am not against dance parties and I believe even teenagers need a place to swing to the beats…but that should be without drinks period.. But if it happens at night (even without drinks) they should know and be aware that at that time the public some of whom can become like the mob in the video are drunk.

It is the responsibility not just of police and authorities but also the aam admi (common man) to ensure that women can walk safely… The scary part is that even if the girl was not drunk the mob would have acted that way because the video very clearly shows that they are having a blast in all this. The girl is just a kid and the people in the video are absolute thugs and sexual perverts and male chauvinists who can’t see a girl acting free (they probably look at her drunk being a threat in some way)….. Even the people watching seems to do so thinking that the girl should be taught a lesson…. Where are our sense of humanness that let you go back and without remorse hug and care for your own kids…. I think this video should play in everyones mind and they should picture themselves in a situation like that and think…what would you do if you were there…

The point is clear every one of us is answerable in various levels………

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