Ellen DeGeneres’s new book “Seriously…. I am Kidding”

1011-seriously-i'm-kidding-book-by-ellen-degeneres-mdnReading Ellen DeGeneres’s book ‘seriously…..I am kidding.’

Interesting so far…funny…a few thought from the book (not necessarily the exact words) to give you a glimpse…

‘we are so addicted to stuff, we buy so much of it…why should there be so many different types of lotions…one for face, one for hand and another one for feet….what will happen if you put the hand cream on you feet…will the feet get confused and start clapping…?’ šŸ™‚ so true…so much stuff around us that we are not willing to throw them away…

Another interesting sentence… ‘it is tough to understand failure when you are going through it’ true again..

I can recommend the book before I finish reading it….Had to post this before I finish reading and may be I will write a separate review later…

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