Thilakan – The wild horse of malayalam screen now a memory

Thilakan the wild horse of malayalam screen is now a memory. The towering figure of Malayalam films is no more..Giving us such memorable characters like Kochuvava (Kattu Kuthira / Wild Horse), Chacko Master (Sphadikam), Kumarettan (Pingami), Major Nambiar (Kilukkam) and above all the potrayal of Perunthachan.

Even his latest two performance were some of his best namely Achutha menon from Indian Rupee and Kareem from ustad Hotel. Both characters take a central role around whom the movie revolves…

Of all his movies what comes to my mind is his role in Kattu Kuthira (Wild Horse) which was a master play by another veteran actor Rajan P.Dev who had done the role on malayalam stage.. Thilakan took the role on Big screen. Rajan P. Dev left us in July 2009 and now Thilakan the Wild horse of the big screen follows him…

Thilakan was one of the finest characters in malayalam cinema spreading a career of almost 40 years he has given so many memorable characters to malayalam cinema and his absence will be felt in the industry and among us movie goers for a long time.

Thilakan will be missed, remembered and his movies and characters will be in our heart for years to come..

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