Asaram – Latest Godman to inject Venom

asaramOur world has many of them….. But not always does some one moron try such foul stinking view point to get mileage and publicity…… or he must just be on dopes….

He claims that the girl who lost her life to the wretchedness of a few lusting lunatics should have fallen on their feet and chanted the “Saraswathi Mantra” and called them Bhaiyya (Brother in Hindi)….. if so she would have been spared….. Honestly I would like to believe it because if that could have saved her life then I would be in the forefront to market the “Saraswathi Mantra” as a defense to everyone to ward of such things from happening….. But we all know the fallacy in this statement…. we clearly do…. so does the entire nation… but that is not the point..

The scary part is that the guy who made this claim Asaram Bapu as he likes to be called is one of the many Godmen in the country who still like many others enjoy a big clout of supporters… at age 71 he blurts something which I hope will be the end of his regime…. provided the Government can take some tough decisions….. and people open their eyes and see…..

AsaramThe fact is these buffoons have a big responsibility on many things happening in India….through their constant propogation of unreal views of life….. they ruin and bruise everything that India has to call to from her past…. Unfortunately they still hold a big clout among a sizable populace that include educated folks, dignitaries, politicians, middle class and people in all strata of the society…..

Corrupt political order and degenerated religious order both equally taint and tear apart the fabric of our society… So when an issue such as what happened in delhi comes up these Godmen felons bring out their “long should have severed” tongues and puke their judgment…. This in turn drills unwanted, wrong and baseless views into the society…. even if the whole world protests, there will still be people who will believe and support him…. and that is dangerous….

It is the duty of every person to voice against these crooks in every possible way so that our society can be devoid of them and the individual be free of the bondage imposed by their continuous lunatic schooling on TV, Radio and other media channels….

Agreed that there has to be a change in law…. law makers should come together fast…. law keepers should be uncorrupt…. politicians sincere…. but people like this Asaram and the venom they vomit are much more ingrained into the society that it also need to be stopped….

Agreed we don’t live in a perfect world… but we also don’t live in a world where there is no hope…. these scoundrels not only don’t care…. but lack the courtsey to even respect someone who has lost her life to the ordeal… It is sad indeed taht these people are left to walk free for the venom they inject

The list of Godmen is big with new additions from either gender joining in and all self proclaimed waiting for followers to take them forward… to build empires, generate unaccounted money, buy political clout, propogate misconceptions, sell religious beliefs to the vulnerable and finally eating the society inside out…. in short it is an evident evolution of cancerous thoughts in the very society we live in…..

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