Akbaruddin Owaisi – Using hatred as a political tool

Happen to hear Akbaruddin Owaisi’s hate spitting misanthropic oratory exhibition….. What a creepy scoundrel!…. and he really enjoys swimming in his own venemous vomit….. No… don’t misunderstand me…. I don’t support togadia…. but as an Indian you are bound to feel bad when someone questions the akbaruddin-owaisi-1secular nation that nurtured us all….. When I listen to him I don’t see a politician or an orator but more of a lunatic giving his destructive war cry standing on the grave of every freedom fighter who fought and lost their life for India’s independence…

I have always been a loud critic of Hindu religious and political bandwagon as I felt that it hampered any act to build and keep the nation secular…. I continue so and my discontent has always been on two aspects….. one being the politico-religious racket of the Hindu right that holds the argument that the secular India is stamping on the rights of the majority…. The second being the rising Godmen, Godwomen, blind following and unaccounted money scandals that pierce into the economy of the country in the pretext that they are working on the greater good…. That feeling remaining the same I have to say I detested owaisi’s words and find it to be hurting for every Indian

I viewed Owasi’s speech on you tube…… While I saw the politico-religious bend of the speech that is evidently working against the secularist nature of the nation….. what really troubled me was the unpatriotic flair in what he said….. All along Owaisi is showcasing himself as a ruthless political thug who is clearly twisting religious sentiments to instigate violence just for his personal political career gain……

He seem to do so without the slightest feel for the country and its people….. His questions are not really at the Hindu faction but the secular India that he belongs to and gave him the podium to talk…… The same India that allowed him to marry a Christian and convert to Islam…. The same India that had A P J Abdul Kalam as its President…. The India where hindu’s crowd the theatre to watch Sharukh, Aamir and Salman movies….. The India where muslims cheer when Tendulkar hits the sixer…. The India where the entire nation stood spellbound when ravishankar and Ali Akbar khan performed their Jugalbandhi…. That is the India we live in Mr. Owaisi…. That is the India you fail to see……

Mr. Owaisi…. this is the free and secular India of Ramprasad Bismil, Ashfaqullah Khan, Chandra sekhar azad and Bhagat singh……

This is not the India of Tiger Memon and for your kind information this is not the India where we refer to Kasab as Bacha ….. we consider him as a cold blooded murderer deranged by the growing militant religious fanatism….. Also if you know we do not have a wazir-e-azam in India… we have a pradhan manthri….

Unfortunately in our country our democracy and election has become a strategic maneuvering of vote banks which make politicians like you to say and act without conscience just for getting your way to the vote…. Using your religion as just a stepping stone for your political career…. The question Mr. Owaisi is can you be political without putting hatred in your words…. The answer should be yes but the fact is you don’t chose to do so…. which is sad…. I hope your followers realize this……

Mr. Owaisi.. what you should understand is that if the thousands who attended your speech that day went back feeling more hatred towards people of other religions…… then you might have felt victorious…. but as a nation you have failed us thousand times… you have failed us a thousand times…… do some soul searching… be human… be considerate… there is nothing wrong in it….

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  1. Respected & Dear Vinod Narayan Sahab.
    (as a Democratic Indian in my opinion only).
    You are kindly requested to see the words, how you describe? who are you? what you feel about yourself?who gives you permission? Answer is only!! (as a Democratic Indian). First thing main point in my sense:the speech is not a interview for any religious or any person directly at : AIR/DD/any channel etc. may be its continued of present conditions of minority/hyderabad with present government who ignore the sentiments and destroy masjid, & the govt. say we dont know?lacks of youth arrest in wrong cases? the govt. say we dont know?lacks of youth dont have jobs?the govt. say we dont know?any secular person or leader ask for this? nothing?all of the youths who suffer above problems/ sentimentally torches with non-muslims to muslims thats things is feel !the govt.will have no fear of any type of god? and a person who suffer feel! do or dia.. because he feel dieing daily in life! lacks of things have to say but nothing will happens?this words you show highlight? its only for your popularity because you know very well???(as a Democratic Indian).
    marry a Christian and convert to Islam…. (marry a Muslim and convert to hundu)
    A P J Abdul Kalam (we also respect ours non-Muslim presidents)
    Sharukh, Aamir and Salman ( Indian film industry not start with this actors)
    when Tendulkar hits the sixer (our Indian team will not play religious games)
    wazir-e-azam in India (try to learn other languages of India? the meaning is same)
    which is sad…. I hope your followers realize this……(corers time less then non-Muslim leaders.. )Best Regards, I hope you will not misunderstand me? like Akber owaisi?

    • Mr. Asif Khan…. Thanks for visiting and sharing your thoughts….. As an Indian…. my whole idea of writing this piece is to let people know that the strive should be to build India as a land of equal opportunities…. for this people should think beyond religion and god…. be it muslim, Hindu or christian… I am against any political or religious leader who talks to instigate religious sentiments among the masses…. It is very clear that Owaisi’s talk only shows the dark picture and over top of it brings out so much unwanted reference to violence and revenge….

      My point is that when people hear these goons talk (Hindu or Muslim) and use religion as a weapon they should step back and think…. what is the motive…. for example why is Owaisi referring to Kasab as Bachcha when he should be called a ruthless murderer who waged war against India…

      Secularism should not be taken as a weakness by any religious and political sect be it muslim, hindu, christian or Sikh…. It is tough to be secular but that is the only choice India has if we do not want religious baffoons from either side tear up the nation….

      But again thanks of visiting….. and I hope you will work towards secularism in India…..

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