What Route 680 told me

Two choicesThere are two routes that I can take when I daily drive back from work .. Both routes are almost equal when you take the distance…. One route 680 is about 16 miles while the other Route 880 is about 15 miles…. quite the same… even driving time is likely same as both these routes have rush during the peak evening hours

But I always choose 680 over 880… and when people ask me why…. I often don’t have a clear answer… it just felt better… and then one day I decided to go a bit deeper and see what influenced my choice….. I thought it had to do with how I think….. rather than any pure math about distance and time….

Route 880 is quite busy when I start from office and gets relaxed somewhere midway…. whereas 680 is opposite….very relaxed when I start and gets busy and neck to neck somewhere midway…. but both getting me home at almost the same time….

The feeling I get when I start driving had a lot to do with the choice of my route…… When I see a wide road initially as I start off I am happier…. probably somewhere there is a wrong notion that I will reach home faster…. and then by the time I reach midway it gets crowded (or Trafficy as someone told me the other day)… But yet it is only a few exits to home and I don’t feel the traffic so much of a nuisance….. because I have gotten much nearer to the finish line…

Now if I were to be on 880 the initial part of the journey would make me really pissed off and that continuous feeling of how late it is going to be by the time I get home…. which also puts in a wrong notion of distance and I start thinking…. this route is longer…. The rush ends midway and I can drive…. but I am already pissed off with the traffic that I anticipate it to get bad anytime throughout the way….

Maybe this is nothing… but I wanted to explore further and see if this had anything to do with how I see things other than driving. home… Is this decision glued into the fabric that makes me…. That finding was interesting….. but personal and not posting here….

The fact often is that everything we do is because of a decision we make even if it is without us knowing …..and we stick to it…. we are so glued to that decision that every argument against it it feels so frivolous and absurd…What is even more absurd is that we are not able to always contemplate many of the choices we make… often it is not worth thinking through… but then….

Additional Note: the same thought does not come when I drive to office because 880 is really bad and it takes more time for me to do that route…..

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  1. Someone had once told me about an experiment with frogs. It seems that frogs tend to ignore insects , which are not of a specific size range, while searching for food. A frog was put into an enclosure and there were lot of insects in it, but not in the size range which it prefers. After some time the frog died because it would not eat those other insects. Very often we get so conditioned that we ignore choices. What we need to remember is that we always have a choice.

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