Lullabies they hear and don’t

There are lullabies that
are heard from far away
Lullabies that once soothed
the whole world but are now
born silent everyday…
There are Lullabies that are
cut short by bullets and swords
Lullabies that fall and
evaporate on the deaf ears of
guilty lords
Lullabies that could never
stop the cries because
they were not rich
enough to pay the price
Lullabies that were orphaned
and punished because they do
not have a language, religion,
caste or god…
Lullabies that was remembered
only by the forgotten souls
And some lullabies there are I was told
that no one knew about
they were never sung, never uttered….
they were passed over as tears
into the veins of unknown faces
and they will wait for the time
the right time to come
when the metal will pierce
the last piece of flesh
and burst into this world
and then calm down time once and for all…

Categories: Poetry

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