Malayali House

I am a regular viewer of Malayali house, the malayali imitation of BigBoss … Not just me but my wife and my daughter also join me…. for me it is a stress reliever.. reasons that I cannot explain clearly…. For my wife and daughter we will need to ask them their reason to watch..

The interesting fact about the show is that some inmates can’t even speak proper malayalam… This could be intentional because people with atrocious Malayalam accents have been a lot in news lately.. and the producers wanted to try and cash on this popular demand.. on top of this it also rides on a typical malayali sentiment… the resentment towards anglo-puffed malayali accent some for real and some dreadful imitations…

I have not followed BigBoss either in English or in Hindi because never found it very entertaining…. But Malayali House is different… the malayali mind that daily bleeds inside my expatriate body now daily feasts on ‘Malayali House’ and the Kanakazhchakal (a highlights of the day’s circus)

What makes ‘Malayali House’ even more interesting is that it breaks the Malayali’s Ballooned ego and his injudicious fake consideration of societal righteousness…. It unmasks our stubborn need to have a superficial correctness on everything around us… It shows us that if put in a room and true self out… we are not much the same as we try hard to project….

It is in one way a nice reality check on our imprudent theories on intimacy, sex, education, religion, superstition, success, career, education and so on…. Not something the producers probably thought of doing other than making money…. But it does a very important thing… an overdue and well deserved kick on our sacred butts…

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