Learning Teaching Forgetting and Breathing

As human beings we have a consistently increasing ability to learn and teach… and of course an intelligently cultivated skill to forget…. This in one way also probably defined our transitions in the latter parts on the evolutionary road… Some even religiously forget the ape connection….

But what we have also acquired in this process is a strong inhibition to accept

that we learned something from another human being…. We also try hard not to share our knowledge in order to achieve that much sought out competitive edge… Now these could be an effect of competition who knows…

But it is true that we want it or not, agree or not, like it or not the learning and teaching happens much without our knowledge… You don’t always know that you are in one way learning or teaching in the world every moment you breath… or better said it is more like breathing… you account for it only when you find out that you are having trouble with it…

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