Prabhuvinte Makkal – The Film that did not Thank God

Prabhuvinte Makkal2You will get left out when you decide to go on the right path….  because some journeys are like that you need to travel alone…. Being an atheist for many is a journey of constant questioning that at times leaves oneself alone, left out by even their own well wishers whom they love…

Taking a controversial theme like atheism and making a full fledged movie out of it was not something I thought someone would ever attempt or even be feasible in Malayalam.… may be from an abstract view but like a commercial movie I never thought so…. but when I saw ‘Prabhuvinte Makkal’ the 2012 malayalam movie by Sajeevan Anthikad I knew I was wrong… and the first thing I did was half way into the movie reach out to Sajeevan and appreciate and thank him for making that movie…..

To be honest I did not really look at the film’s cinematic excellence as I was watching…. I was more engrossed in the importance of such a movie in contemporary Kerala….. At a time when religion and rituals are rupturing the fabric and pulling out the roots of our society such a rational use of the film medium is indeed a brave attempt… Hats off to Sajeevan for doing this…

Prabhuvinte Makkal3Though people might differ with me I don’t believe that someone can be indoctrinated into atheism because you do not get up one fine morning and meet a higher level atheist and transition into one… You go through your silent observations of the world and slowly realize that you are one… forget about the politically burdened superficial atheistic masks… they are a totally different ball game… and once you become an atheist you start seeing the world in a totally different dimension…. Free, real and truthful..

I would categorize the movie not as a drama but as a docudrama because the theme and message carries more weight than the entertainment pitch….. The movie is definitely not for the feeble religious minded so I warn you… and if you are god fearing you should abstain from watching this it could scare the godliness hell out of you…. I hope Sajeevan pardons me for this last statement.. because he knows how much I appreciate him for making the movie….

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