FYI – PK is not an Atheist’s movie

Prabhuvinte Makkal2I liked PK but with all the hue and cry on PK I want to draw your attention to the fact that PK is not an atheist’s movie.

I also want to draw your attention to a 2012 movie in malayalam ‘Prabhuvinte Makkal‘ (Sons of Prabhu)… while PK never said God did not exist, here is a movie that said just that. So FYI P.K is not an atheist movie for all those crying against it… Even the poster here says “There is no God”

P.K is an entertainer that has touched some areas of the society that most people will agree upon, to be honest often highlighting on the hindu side of things may be because the main culprit is shown as a hindu god man. It really does not boldly try to touch much on the Muslim and christian sides of irrationality, was rather soft and polite I should say… It is aimed as a colorful entertainer…. but Prabhuvinte Makal was raw bold….

Prabhuvinte Makkal (Sons of Prabhu) is not an entertainer sort of movie…. But before you call P.K an atheist’s movie do watch Prabhuvinte Makkal 🙂 Because if an atheist makes a movie they will not beat around the bush, they will just say ‘God does not exist’ and not go over all this drumming up and running around to get claps and whistles……

PK was a nice movie,  a huge progress from the movie OMG because in OMG, GOD was a character 🙂 in PK GOD just did not appear… May be in the next Bollywood flick they will say ‘There is no God’

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