What the rain tells me

Today it rained…. like every year… the first one this year…. as usual the summer had locked up a whole chest of memories, faces, events, images and tastes from the ever desiring past…. the fragrance in the air is now irresistible… the fragrance born when the rain blankets the earth and makes love throughout the night….

Every year every rain pours that intoxicating past on my doorsteps… and every year this time I step outside into the past and look at the rain…. I will feel being a kid… I will know that there are still people in my life for whom I have never grown up…. I will miss many people whom I never miss in my busy life… and I will feel lonely but loved….

Then slowly I will step out of my childhood and knock at the doors of my reality… as I walk into my reality, I will see my kids… and I will know…. Life moves so fast… A moment ago I was a kid looking at the rain… and now I am with my kids and the same rain pouring outside as if nothing has happened to me…..

Yes, to be honest nothing has happened because I exist through time in my past, our present and their future….. I will know that what I have in my control is to give my kids a beautiful past that they will love to go back to… just like the past that my parents gave me…… Life moves on but the rain keeps it all connected

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