Valley of Fire, Kids, Trust and some Random Thoughts

Vegas 078We decided to visit the “Valley of Fire” on one of our days in Vegas… Of all these years coming here we had missed this place… just an hour drive from the strip… Our six year old was not very amused… he tried persuading us to revisit Excalibur and circus circus… where he says there are more small kid’s games rather than big kid’s games… the colorful, lighted, weird sounding slot machines, the gambling tables and the half clad beauties walking around with drinks are all in his opinion big kid’s games…

But we used our parental powers and subdued him…. he finally conceded and then on sat quietly in the backseat…. A few minutes after passing the toll booth at the entrance the young man speaks “dad, mom, Rhea….” If he wants to address the family he makes sure he calls out everyone’s name… “It is not that hot…… are we in Valley of Fire now….?”

The poor chap had all the while been thinking that we will be driving through fire and that would mean getting burned and would also hurt bad…. And the interesting thing was that he was fine to endure it if his family is with him…..This is how kids are… even when they know something is going to be really wrong.. if people near and dear are with them they are ready to go through it…. this is the trust and bonding they keep…. I dedicate this post to every kid out there and to the kid in us and our ability to put trust in others, both of which we kind of lose while growing up…

With no fire and no burning he had fun with nature’s play ground where both big and small kids can equally have fun… and he also probably realized one thing… a name does not always mean the same…… may be one of his initial lessons in Marketing….

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