Happy Birthday Amma!

284914_10151110733247383_100072521_nIt takes a whole lifetime for any son to be worthy enough to write about their mother and even then still one needs more time…. So what I write today is not because I am worthy… but because I owe every element of my existence to you… just like any son to their mother..

Today is her birthday…. one day after our wedding anniversary…. Since she lives in India we could say that these dates also coincide in one way thanks to the time differences…

When our father passed away she was left with us two kids in school and was well below 40 years… much younger than what I am now…. I know it has not been an easy task to bring me up… Seeing us through school, College, work, marriage and more….

I know there are many mothers similar to her who have been thrust into situations like ours and put their whole life behind their kids and moved on in life…. only viewing the world and experiencing it through their kids and grandkids…. I am not sure if that is fair to anyone… but that is what mother’s do…. Today on our mom’s birthday I dedicate this post to all those mothers…

I am not a mother… But I understand what it takes to be one…. I have seen it…. Many times I might act that I don’t… that is because I am not perfect… may be more leaning towards the imperfect side… But I know you will understand…. because you understood me before the world did….

We have had our differences… that is because we both have the same nature to a great extend and also look alike as people say… so whenever our differences have hit the roof in our life we have together realized that it is because we are so alike…

I remember the times when you served me and my friends at our home… when tens and twenties of us come and camp home and you were a mother to everyone of my friends staying in hostel far away from home… Every friend of mine who have visited our home even now ask about you…. They tell me that I am lucky to have a mom like you… And I know many of them still keep in touch with you even now… In one way bringing me up the way you did…. you have inherited more sons through my friends….

I remember the long evenings we used to spend in the terrace talking….. sitting on the same easy chair that dad used to sit and as we discussed about things in our life and others….. Honestly I never thought I would anytime be living so far off from you… but then life is the moment not the past or the future…. I enjoyed those moments and I enjoyed when I spoke to you today….. Thanks to technology…. distances can be overcome….

As a teacher you have also taught us…. very strict at times….. though I would have wanted it differently back then… I think I would want you to teach my kids same way… but mothers are more relaxed when it comes to grandkids….

We have been friends and not mother and son… and you have done well to do that transition as I grew up…. There are so many memories that a post can’t display and so I want to wish you a Happy Birthday from all of us… I know you are my mother but for the person you are I know there are many who think you are theirs… And I am only too happy that all my friends call you Amma just like me…….

Love you even whenever I disagree with you….. But what matters is I am you and you are me….. an extension of you (like my wife says about our daughter)

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  1. thank you very much. what else does a mother need love amma


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